Goulburn – Rocky Hill War Memorial, and Big Merino

After sleeping for 9 hours last night, I woke up at 6:00 to the sound of a rooster crowing and many birds singing. I’ve had some moments of weariness but feel much better than yesterday.

The Rocky Hill War Memorial, built in 1923

Today Ron took me to visit the Rocky Hill War Memorial, which is on one of the highest points around Goulburn. The view over the city is beautiful. The war memorial was built in the remembrance of soldiers who were lost in World War I.

The Big Merino

We also visited the Big Merino. Big Merino is a statue. He is a very big statue, and, and he is clearly a ‘he’. Big Merino celebrates the role of wool in Australia, and the fine quality of Australian merino wool. Also, bonus, you can climb into Big Merino and look out his eyes. Which is pretty outstanding, when you think about it.

The View, Big Merino’s Eye
Ron, and the back of Big Merino

Below is a photo of Jenny and the frangipani plant that she’s grown from a slip, and that is now flowering. Today Jenny and I worked on several projects to become raffle prizes for a coach tour she and Ron are planning.

Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia – still has it’s downtown

Goulburn, Australia’s Oldest Inland City, is 195 km south of Sydney, with a population of about 23,000. It has an intact city center, with a Main Street that is a shopping district. There is a late-summer drought here, but the roses are in bloom. There are many houses and buildings from the 1920’s era, that look as if they are waiting to be miniaturized for a model railroad layout.

After a long day of travel, I arrived in Sydney, Australia, at about 9 AM. Clearing Customs was confusing but otherwise simple. Ron met me in Arrivals Hall B, and drove me to Goulburn, where Jenny was waiting, minding their swim school. Later, Ron took me through the town while he ran some errands. I got to meet one of his grandsons, Jacob, who runs a bakery outlet in the downtown mall.

This is the Station Master’s House near the Goulburn Railway Station

This is the Roman Catholic Old Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, built in 1890 of local green porphy stone and trimmed with a sandstone from Murulan.

This is the Anglican Cathedral of St Saviour’s. The stonework and stone carving of St Saviour’s is of remarkable quality both outside and inside.