Sunday Walk in the Park – Lake Elkton

Is September the new August? With temperatures in the 90’s and humidity in the 70’s, it is a fair question.  At least that is the reading for today, Tuesday, and today is much like yesterday and yesterday was twinsies with Sunday.  Am I mis-remembering, or, back in the day, after Labor Day, was there not a distinct seasonal click on the dial, and you knew we were heading to Autumn. But here it is, September 4, there’s barely a patch of leaves turning, and it feels mostly like the miserable middle of August. And some rain would be nice.

Sunday, I visited Celia and Mike, and Celia and I walked around Lake Elkhorn. It was sunny, hot, humid and a good walk. The paths around the lake are paved, the bikers are very polite (“on your left” and “thanks”) and there are benches and shelters and public parks and a playground. And no mosquitos!


Here is a view from the public deck near the playground. We are not certain, but think those little grassy islands are supposed to float, which is kind of adorable. I used the opportunity to fiddle with a camera I had not been using.


Here we are, Celia and Carmen, just a bit damp toward the end of our hike. Celia is a musician and teacher, semi-retired, and I feel so lucky and blessed to call her my friend. She is always calm, sensible, reliable, and very brave and creative. One of my fond memories of Celia is, on a visit to the Folk Life Festival on the national Mall, Celia getting me up on stage to dance a Berber dance with some Arab dudes. If the opportunity is there, I think of Celia as always ready to seize it.


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