Oh, THAT transition…

I have kicked this can down the road long enough. My last day at Westat is August 31. I am cleaning out my office and tying up loose ends. My office is full of the accumulations of a dozen years. There is a file to finish editing and an manual to finish writing. There are goodbyes to be said. It has been a good ride, most of the time. I will miss the people.


Knowledge workers are paid to use their brains for someone else. After 39 years, I won’t have to use my brain for the Company every day. I am looking forward to using my brain for what I choose from now on.

And my time… my time will be mine, too. For one thing, I will be able to give the gardens some needed attention.

After several months recovering from knee surgery and from the wound on the back of my knee, acquired at the rehab hospital, the gardens are looking pretty shabby. My sister and my friends helped plant herbs and flowers in pots, and in the front yard, I found marigolds to put in the bed along the driveway. Why is it that marigolds don’t really come into their own until late August? These plants were pampered all summer and finally are filling out with blooms. Saturday I weeded their bed and mulched them to help their color pop out. In addition, the irises were cut back and a major patch of weeds was removed and the spot covered with newspaper, landscape fabric, and mulch. What a difference a little time and attention can make to a landscape.





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